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  • VI-FORD2011interface
  • VI-FORD2011interface
  • VI-FORD2011interface

Product Information


Model No.: VI-Ford 2011
*Optional: Android 4.4 GPS Built-in 

Description: Ford video interface/Android FORD Interface

The interface can insert video into head unit of FORD/ Lincoln car, which has a 2 DIN screen with CD and LCD combined. it works on Ford/Lincoln 2010/2011 and later which have LCD/CD combined.


* Offer One RGB input for GPS Box;

* Two AV in for video sources;

* One camera input;

* DC12V

Product features:

* The interface is compatible with Ford 2011/2010 and later, the installation no need open the CD, it’s quite safe;

* The internal CAN-Bridge gateway makes all original function the same, Original “ Media” key on the steering wheel still control the inserted video; Original reverse camera is not changed too;

* Compatible GPS box in the market and easy to connect and operate;

* Internal touch panel switch circuit allows the original touch panel operated by the user for installed navigation box;

* Original reverse camera video is not hurt, when in reverse mode, Original camera video will be shown.

* One RGB input, 2 AV input and one camera input with auto trigger;
* Optional : Android 4.4 GPS Interface compatible Google play, Google Map, Waze, WiFi,3G ,online navigation

More optional:

* VI‐Ford (with 4Pin round connector) for Ford Raptor, Halley, Edge, Lincoln, MKT, MKS before 2012


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